Lego built a driveable Bugatti Chiron out of blocks, and it’s amazing

Lego built a driveable Bugatti Chiron out of blocks, and it’s amazing

Bugatti makes some of the fastest and most expensive cars in the world. You know what’s no as fast but probably as expensive? Building a full-size Buggati Chiron out of Lego pieces.

That’s just exactly what Lego did, and it’s pretty amazing. It required over a million Lego Technic pieces, including 2,304 tiny motors. The top speed is only 18mph, but the fact that it moves it all – it weight 3,306 pounds, and again, is made out of Lego – still boggles my mind. It even has a working speedometer, lights and rear spoiler.

That said, it’s not all plastic blocks. It needed real tires, some components are borrowed from other vehicles, there’s a 200-amp battery, and apparently there’s some steel reinforcement to account for the car’s final weight. But no adhesive is involved, as that would be heretic, and over 90 percent of the car is pure Lego.

To learn more, check out Lego’s 8-minute documentary video on how the whole thing was built.

on Lego [YouTube]

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