This handheld Linux PC is actually a Raspberry Pi with iPhone keyboard

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One inventive micro-computing enthusiast has managed to piece together a Raspberry Pi computer with a portable iPhone keyboard to build an awesome handheld Linux terminal that also happens to transform into a full-fledged PC when you plug it to a monitor.

Designed and prototyped by DIY tech inventor and YouTuber N-O-D-E, the Zero Terminal is an all-in-one computer that is offers remarkable portability and functionality in an impressively compact body.

Catch a peek at the Terminal Zero in action in the video below:

Powering the quirky device is the recently released Raspberry Pi Zero W that – among other things – brings together wireless and Bluetooth connectivity, 512MB RAM, a mini HDMI port, as well as a micro USB input for charging.

Accompanying the Raspberry Pi chip is a miniscule Adafruit PiTFT Plus display, paired with a Adafruit Powerboost 1000c charge controller and a 1500mAh battery.

The Zero Terminal also uses an affordable iPhone 5 keyboard case for typing. Unfortunately, as N-O-D-E remarks, the CTRL button is missing which means “you will have to manually remap one of the keys” to make it work.

As you already guessed by the title, the portable system runs entirely on Linux and also comes with support for desktop once connected to a monitor.

You can find instructions how to build your own transformable Linux terminal at N-O-D-E’s blog here.

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