Watch the OnePlus 3T get unboxed in a fighter jet for some reason

Unboxing videos are a staple in the tech community, with some even focusing on purely creating videos that get rid of product packaging.

OnePlus is now trying to turn the genre on its head — to promote the new OnePlus 3T, they asked ex-Viner Jake Paul to unbox its new phone. Not in a studio, but in a fighter jet at ridiculous speeds.

To commemorate today’s European release of the phone, the plane took flight from an airfield in the Czech Republic for a fun first look at the device.

Even though Paul isn’t a professional unboxer, he’s a great entertainer. The idea to unbox a phone in a plane hitting multiple G’s of force is fun, but because the entire video has produced by OnePlus, don’t expect him to be highly critical of the device itself.

If the video made you interested in the phone, be sure to check out our review — it’s a nice product, but not always a neccesary upgrade.

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