Watch a tuned-up vape explode in the pocket of this unexpecting guy

If you’ve ever tried an e-cigarette, you know how cool you look when vaping. But as with every electronic device, sometimes disaster strikes.

Otis Gooding, an employee of a wine shop in New York’s Grand Central Terminal, was standing behind the till when suddenly the battery of his vaporizer caught fire. The security footage shows him trying to quickly remove the device from his pants, but didn’t manage to before getting third-degree burned.


According to a co-worker, the device had been customized to deliver more voltage for higher performance, which seems like a probable explanation for the incident.

This isn’t the first time an e-cigarette has spontaneously combusted while in someone’s pocket. Earlier this month, a nightclub owner got unlucky while standing outside, leaving him with second-degree burn wounds.

Don’t mess with your batteries, people — vape safely out there.

via Gizmodo

E-cigarette explodes in man's pants, attorney says on CNN

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