#TrumpNarratesPlanetEarth is the funniest thing on Twitter today

Credit: The Next Web

If you managed to catch the BBC’s highly-acclaimed nature tour-de-force, you were probably smitten by the narration as much as the imagery. Richard Kiley, Sir David Attenborough and Sigourney Weaver (US version) were all excellent choices to explain the stunning imagery and magic infolding in front of our very eyes.

Now close your eyes and imagine President-elect Donald Trump doing the narration. Or, even better, go to Twitter and check out the #TrumpNarratesPlanetEarth hashtag — but only if you’re reading the tweets in his voice. Here are a few of my favorites:

The hashtag, started by HuffPost Comedy, seems to have struck a nerve. It’s now trending throughout the United States, owing much of its popularity to the President-elect’s environmental policy shortcomings. After announcing his transition team, the internet was left in a state of shock after Trump appointed a noted climate change contrarian to head the Environmental Protection Agency.

In just over an hour, the hashtag went viral, and is now trending throughout the United States.

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