I can’t stop looking at these extremely weird animals

Nature can be truly astonishing. If you’ve seen the first episode of BBC’s Planet Earth II, you might be thinking the same — grandiose scenes featuring the most majestic of nature’s animals.

But there are also a lot of lesser-known creatures that are at least as interesting, and maybe even more so. They’re the weird-looking, glowing or slimy organisms hiding on the sea floor or deep in a rainforest. And now someone decided to share them with the world.

The only thing @Strange_Animals does is share the weird and wonderful from our planet’s fauna, and it has quickly grown to be one of my favorite Twitter accounts. For example, check out this crazy caterpillar that looks like it’s wearing a flashy jacket:

Or maybe this blue, slimy friend roaming the Christmas Islands.

And this one looks like it straight up escaped from a Pokémon game.

It’s impressive how many weird creatures I’ve never seen before, so I love getting this daily dose of nature in my feed.

If you’re not a fan of Twitter, they’re also on Instagram, so there’s officially no reason why you shouldn’t keep tabs on the strange animals that inhabit our world.

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