Piqapoo is a kickstarter about dog crap, because why not?

Piqapoo is a kickstarter about dog crap, because why not?

Perhaps my favorite thing about KickStarter is that it breathes life into some practical, but unabashedly weird products that otherwise wouldn’t see the light of the day. See: Piqapoo.

Let’s cut the crap, and get down to what it does. It’s a soft clip you attach to your dogs tail. When they poop, the refuse lands in a plastic bag. In short, Piqapoo promises to make cleaning up after your pooch, dare I say, a less shittier task.

The makers of the Piqapoo didn’t hesitate to explain (in graphic detail) what’s wrong with conventional pooper-scoopers.

“Scoopers are big and clunky, and don’t work on diarrhea. Fitted devices are often uncomfortable for the dogs, and can be extremely time-consuming for the owners to put on. There are even modified bags, but they are quite expensive and can leave traces of poop on the ground.”

According to the makers, the Piqapoo fits dogs of all sizes, and won’t cause them any pain or discomfort.

The overall bizarreness of Piqapoo doesn’t stop there. It’s got perhaps the grossest, nuttiest KickStarter promo video I’ve seen this year. Don’t watch it while you’re eating.

Already, it’s raised $16,000, smashing its target of $15,000. With 58 days to go, you’ve still got a chance to get your hands on one. $29 gets you one Piqapoo, and 60 collection bags.

Piqapoo on Kickstarter

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