This Adobe song is the most cringy thing you’ll see today


Adobe’s MAX conference  is a two-day event, showcasing the company’s latest and greatest tool. Furthermore, it affords users an opportunity to present their Adobe-designed creations. This year, it also became an appalling sing-along.

Jason Levine is Adobe’s Principal Worldwide Evangelist for Creative Cloud — possibly the most convoluted business title in the world. He took the stage yesterday to talk about new video features in their products, but not without putting up a terrifying act.

Behold the most awkward piece of audience interaction you’ve ever seen — it becomes especially gruesome after 1:17.


Seeing the mild audience response, one might assume that would be the first and last time the song would pop up, right? Think again, as Jason also made a version at home about a year ago.

The guy obviously has aspirations of a top 10 hit – I mean, he’s showing some real dedication here. But with only 1,200 views after a year on YouTube, he really should just stop.

But first, why not release it on Spotify in three different versions?

Sometimes it’s really easy to hate this industry. And if you disagree, just take a look at this classic.

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