This horrible wingsuit crash is exactly why you fear the sport

Flying down a mountain in a wingsuit seems like both the coolest and scariest thing ever. For me, the scary part prevails, and that’s why I don’t see myself doing it any time soon.

Fortunately, other people film it so I can enjoy the experience from afar. Unfortunately, every once in a while something goes horribly wrong.

When Eric Dossantos took flight recently, he got in a bad accident when he didn’t get enough altitude during his descent. By flying too close to the treetops, he ultimately hit one and was sent spinning down to the ground. Dossantos made it out alive, but not without multiple injuries including various fractures and lacerations.

The video serves as a reminder that extreme sports come with serious dangers, and even though the unsuccessful attempts might not be uploaded to the internet that often, they do happen.

If you want to support Eric’s recovery, a fundraiser has been started to pay for part of his treatment.

Incredible Wingsuit Descent Ends With a Terrifying Crash on Sploid

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