This weird Twitter bot generates the best and worst sexts you’ll ever see


If you’re a young adult with a mobile phone, there’s a big chance you’ve sent at least one or two sexually charged texts, or sexts, in your life. But none of them have been as good as these.

Thanks to @sextsbot, there’s no reason anymore to run out of inspiration for sexy texts to that special someone. Put together by law school student @aliceavizandum, it sends out piping hot tweets every few hours. The content ranges from ‘very sexy’ to ‘borderline appalling’, and everything in between.

Some are slightly poetic:

While others are pretty wild:

Or sometimes a bit harsh:

Some take into account the net worth of the other half:

And others clearly define the roles:

If you’re crush is into Karl Marx, there’s something for that too:

It’s unclear how the texts are generated, but they seem to be pieced together from a database of sexy words. Of course there’s also the possibility that it’s not really a bot, but just someone writing random stuff. Whatever the case, it’s a great resource to keep at hand if you’re looking for something to spice up your next text… or scare the hell out of someone.

To top if off, one that’s eerily accurate for how I’m feeling right now:

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