This guy performing the Mario theme with a gun and trumpet is perfectly normal

Today is bound to be an exciting day for Nintendo and Mario fans, with the impending reveal of the company’s next console.

Not everyone is bothered with new and shiny products however, and this guy chose to instead give us a blast to the past — literally.


If this isn’t the most American-looking guy ever, then I don’t know who is. His short tribute to Koji Kondo’s famous theme seems to be a birthday video for ‘Nate’, according to the video’s discription. The funky lettering saying “Happy birthday, Nate! Love Mom & Pop” make it into an extremely bizarre spectacle.

For some reason this internet gem was uploaded in February of this year, but it’s only now being picked up. I have no idea why, but it’s perfect to get in the mood for today’s sneak peek at Nintendo’s new device.

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