These videos painfully show how most people actually use their GoPro

The day’s finally here — you finally got your hands on a brand new GoPro after seeing some of its ridiculous trailers featuring different extreme sports you can now perfectly capture in all their glory.

But then it hits you. You’re walking out the door to your work, sit in an office all day and get back just in time for dinner. You walk your dog and maybe watch a movie. That’s your day.

The video above shows a hilariously realistic take on what most people end up using their action cams for. It’s reminiscent of a viral video from 2014 comparing one of GoPro’s trailers with an average day in the life of most people.

Even though your day might not involve trying to hit golf balls into a bucket, it’s a funny take on the realization that probably hits most buyers of an action cam a little too late.

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