This isn’t a game, but you should play it anyway

This isn’t a game, but you should play it anyway

Need a little help getting over the midweek hump? Maybe a short, fun game will do the trick. On second thought, should you really be playing games at work or school?

Don’t worry: There is no game.

This wonderful award-winning creation, released last year by French indie developer Kamizoto for the Web and Android, is a quirky little point-and-click adventure that plays like nothing you’ve ever tried before. The narrator insists that the experience isn’t a game, but of course, you know better and so you’ve got to try playing it.

If you’ve got 10 minutes to kill, this is perhaps the best way to spend that time today – ideally while you’re at work.

If you enjoyed this, you might want to check out Kamizoto’s other project, CoinOp Story, which sees you play as an arcade game cabinet on a mission to restore himself to working condition. The Windows-based alpha demo is rather short, but is certainly worth checking out if you enjoy old-school platformers.

There is No Game on Kamizoto

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