Watch this maniac’s 13-story jump into water in terrifying 60 FPS

Every once in a while you see something on the internet that just makes you go ‘nope’.

Masked YouTuber 8booth first builds up the tension by filming how he’s climbing up flights of stairs with an effect that’s reminiscent of first-person shooter games. He then arrives on the rooftop, spending only a few seconds standing there before jumping off. He barely misses the wooden dock, escaping serious injury or death by a few inches.


The experience is exceptionally recorded with help of GoPro’s newest devices – a Hero 5 Black attached to his head, and the smaller Session to this wrist. The two devices give a great view of the daredevil stunt by recording in 1080p at 60 frames per second — something that definitely makes the video that much more intense.

The fact this has been shot with two action cams only weeks after they were released makes the video look like a guerilla publicity stunt, but as the video looks like he’s illegally trespassing there’s a small chance.


I’m good, thanks.

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