Star Wars is back with an amazing new trailer for Rogue One

‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ is just two months away, so Disney is gracing us with the second official trailer.

This one is by far the most plot heavy of the ones so far, so while not as sploilerific as the average movie trailer nowadays, you may went to shy away from the trailer (and the rest of this article) if you want a completely pristine moviegoing experience.

The particular new plot point is that we now know that Jyn Erso – the main character – has some daddy issues (like everyone else in Star w

Wars). He had something to do with building the Death Star, it seems, but we don’t get a look at his involvement. We also get a better glimpse at Darth Vader, though it seems more and more like he won’t be all that prominent in this movie.

The trailer just looks gorgeous too. It has a grittier, more old-school-action-movie vibe than ‘The Force Awakens,’ and Industrial Light and Magic seems to have stepped up its special effects another notch since the most recent movie. It’s nice to see Disney isn’t slacking off on its spinoffs.

Here’s to hoping the final movie ends up being as good as it looks.

Star Wars: Rogue One Official Trailer #2 on YouTube

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