Why this funky 80s graphic generator is taking over Twitter


Oh Twitter, wonderful place on the internet. Sometimes you can be a cesspool of darkness, and sometimes you can be pretty fun.

This 80s text graphic generator has been the center of the social network’s latest rage. Users have been flocking to the site to string together a bunch of words and generate an image from them that looks like something straight out of TRON. And to be honest, it looks kind of cool.


The power of the quirky website lies in how simple it is to use it. You come up with a witty joke, click a few buttons and you’ve created potential internet gold.

Two months ago this Stranger Things title generator showed how some a simple website like this can easily go viral — just supply the people of the internet with the right tools to create content, and let them do the work.

Some of the best tweets that spawned from this weird hype are embedded below, but I’m sure our readers can get more creative than a few randos — show us your best creations in the comments.

Just to remind you — this is how everyone is making them.

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