Delorean owner ticketed for doing 88 MPH ‘wasn’t trying to time travel’

Delorean owner ticketed for doing 88 MPH ‘wasn’t trying to time travel’

UK police ticketed a Back to the Future fan doing 88 MPH in a Delorean.

Fans of the Back to the Future franchise may remember that Doc Brown’s Delorean had to reach the same speed, 88 MPH, in order to transport Marty McFly back to 1955. Of course, the car also required a flux capacitor and power in excess of…


Nigel Mills, the ticketed Delorean owner, denied that he was trying to time travel, but we’re certainly not buying it. You can’t have a Delorean and not try to travel back in time.

“I wasn’t trying to time travel,” said Mills. “It was at 11am on Sunday and the road was completely clear.”

Mills, a car enthusiast, said he purchased the car for £22,000 (about $29,000) and only takes it out a few times a year.

[I’m] a car fan and me and the rest of my family enjoyed the Back to the Future films. When I’m out in it a few people recognize it, they slow down and take pictures – drivers take pictures out of their windows or try to film you and I get approached at petrol stations.

After appearing before Chelmsford magistrates, the case was thrown out due to neither officer that clocked him speeding being in attendance.

No word on whether Mills’ car had a flux capacitor.

Man arrested for speeding in DeLorean at 88mph on The Guardian

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