This lethal Japanese water gun is nothing like a Super Soaker

For some reason, makeshift guns scare me more than, for example, a run-of-the-mill revolver.

Thanks to YouTube Asp we now know it’s also possible to kill people with pure H₂O. The Japanese inventor created a water gun that looks like a bazooka, and can shoot hard enough to seriously harm someone.

The video is aptly titled ‘I made a super powerful water gun’ and shows the strength of the gun by shooting a bolt of water at a CD that instantly demolishes it. It’s all beautifully paired with some Japanese rock as background music and schematics of the gun’s inner workings that only make sense if you can read the language:

water gun
 I’m down for any Super Soaker fight, but you can find me running down the street when someone shows up with one of these.

Crazy Japanese Inventor Builds Lethal Water Gun on Gizmodo

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