Facebook made this upbeat automatic video of a guy’s near-fatal car crash

When something big happens in your life, Facebook sometimes makes a short video about it.

It picks a bunch of photos from your camera roll and puts them together, combining geodata with the moment the pictures were taken. When it works, it’s a great way to look back on a trip or a birthday party.

However, the algorithm isn’t perfect. When reddit user gibsonjsh opened the app on his phone, he was presented with an upbeat slideshow of a near-fatal car crash he was in not long before.

The chipper music makes for a bizarre look back at pictures of his smashed windshield and the moment his car got towed. The app even chose to add fun, animated sparkles to highlight specific parts of the crash.

It’s not the first time Facebook created an awkward automated video — check out this friendship video that primarily brings back memories of another car crash.

Facebook auto-made a chipper video slideshow of my near-fatal car accident on Reddit

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