There’s nothing to see in Rebecca Black’s new music video

In 2011, 13-year-old Rebecca Black shot to fame notoriety with one of the most disliked videos of all time on YouTube – her first music video, ‘Friday‘. You probably remember it as the tune that made you want to punch someone in the mouth every time you heard it that year.

Black is now 19 and hasn’t given up on music. Unfortunately, her new track, ‘The Great Divide’, sees her competing with every other pop artist on the planet and there’s nothing memorable in here that will make you come back for seconds – the hook is forgettable, the video is basic and her performance is, well, okay.

With ‘Friday’, Black was competing in a league of her own. By attempting to improve on her past work and enter the mainstream, she’s now on a much larger playing field where it’s all too easy to be drowned out. It seems like one of those times when hard work doesn’t pay off.

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