The eggplant emoji wants you to go fuck yourself — literally

The eggplant emoji wants you to go fuck yourself — literally

From its modest start as a lowly edible to its meteoric rise as a phallic symbol, the eggplant is undoubtedly a the star of the emoji world. And now it’s going places few emoji (presumably) have ever seen… literally.

What started as a joke eventually led creator Jaime Jandler to create the ‘Emojibator’ — a real-life representation of the beloved emoji in vibrator form. Janderl told Cosmopolitan:

I wanted to create a culturally relevant and classic product, and this really hit the mark on both. It’s also a great way to add a touch of humor to anyone’s sex toy collection.

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According to the website, the sex toy is a 4.84-inch by 1.22-inch completely waterproof vibrator that promises to deliver a “healthy serving of Vitamin D.”

… add batteries and fuck yourself with them?

If you’re looking for additional ways to supplement your diet in the bedroom, you can grab this $32 toy on the company’s website.

This Emoji Vibrator Is the Only Eggplant You Need on Cosmpolitan

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