Google adds Solitaire and Tic Tac Toe to Search, say bye to ever getting work done

It’s only 10:30 AM here on the east coast, but if you’re already bored at work, I have the solution for you.

Google has just added Tic Tac Toe and Solitaire directly into search results. Goodbye office productivity.


Just search for one of the two titles, and a mini game will pop up right in search. It’s supports both mobile and desktop (though solitaire doesn’t seem to currently working on my laptop), guaranteeing you’ll be distracted no matter where you are.

Both games have various difficulty options (including an ominous “impossible” for Tic Tac Toe),  and you can play against a friend in Tic Tac Toe too.

After adding a speed test,  a coin flipper, and an entire onomatopoeia system and more Google Search is basically becoming a mini app platform unto itself.

Search is a Jack of all trades on Google Blog

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