Watch: Edward Snowden explains how technology can make the world a better place

Earlier in June, Hollywood A-lister Joseph Gordon-Levitt announced he has partnered up with notorious whistleblower Edward Snowden for a new video project exploring the role of technology in shaping up our democracy.

While the news might’ve slipped your attention, Snowden and Gordon-Levitt have finally completed their collaboration and the video is now available online.

In the short clip, Snowden touches upon a number of topics pertaining to the numerous ways in which technology impacts the current state of democracy – both negative and positive.

While the whistleblower certainly takes issue with using technology for purposes of unrestricted mass surveillance and fear mongering, he still believes technology could potentially change the world for the better and offer us much more freedom and liberty.

What’s noteworthy is that the animations for the video were all created by independent online contributors that Gordon-Levitt gathered at his own collaborative production platform HitRecord.

Watch the video in the section above to find out how Snowden thinks technology can benefit our democracy – or simply click here.

Edward Snowden: It’s Only Getting Better on HitRecord

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