This Xbox Onesie is the perfect outfit for your exile from society

This Xbox Onesie is the perfect outfit for your exile from society
Credit: Xbox Australia

This is at once the best and worst idea I’ve heard all day. Gamers like to spend several hours on the couch, so why not sell them clothing that’s designed specifically for their favorite activity?

The Xbox Onesie isn’t just your ordinary set of pyjamas. It’s got serious gamer cred, thanks to unique features like roomy pockets large enough to hold your Xbox controller and Media Remote, an arm pouch for your phone, as well as rollable legs and arms so you can stay comfy in any climate.

Xbox Onesie 2

There are also forearm grips to prevent you from slipping off the couch during heated gaming sessions, an extra-large hood to accommodate headsets and an option to have your Gamertag embroidered onto the onesie.

Xbox Australia hasn’t mentioned a sale date or price, so let’s hope this is only a joke. Aren’t press releases like this only supposed to show up on Fridays?

Xbox Unveils The 'xbox Onesie' In Australia on IGN

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