Watch an iPhone fall to its death in this crazy bungee jumping incident

When visiting South Africa and experiencing the world’s highest bungee jump there are a few things that go through your mind; none of them are related to the mobile phone in your pocket.

Mairtin Farragher found this out the hard way after jumping off the Bloukran’s Bridge in Cape Town. While he successfully managed to hold onto his GoPro at the other end of a selfie stick, it appears that his iPhone is all but gone after a fall that would all but certainly kill any consumer electronic device.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 5.29.06 PM

Worse still, Farragher previously had the phone stolen on a trip to Italy earlier this year. In that incident, the police helped him to recover it. This time? They weren’t as interested.

Live and learn, Mairtin.

Warning: Contains NSFW language; but fuck it, live a little.

The Phone is Gone Again! on Mairtin Farragher

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