Stranger Things got you feeling nostalgic? Here’s your ’80s-inspired playlist

Stranger Things got you feeling nostalgic? Here’s your ’80s-inspired playlist

Here at TNW, we work hard to supply you with your much needed daily fix of all things tech related, but technology isn’t the only thing we’re passionate about.

Enter our office on any given day, and our Sonos is blaring with a mix of soul, jazz, and Disney tunes (hey, don’t judge).

Last week we shared one of the Spotify playlists we’ve been bumping to at our office in Amsterdam, and we’re back with another one.

The latest hype in the office is Netflix’s original series ‘Stranger Things’ – a new horror-drama set in the ’80s that reminds us of everything that made the ’80s so cool. Hypercolor, anyone? But what particularly stands out is the music: Loud drums, grimy bass and wacky, sometimes eerie, synthetics.

In honor of our current obsession, we created a Stranger Things-themed playlist.

This should tide you over till season two comes out, or until your side ponytail comes back into fashion…

But be forewarned, this isn’t cliche ’80s pop. Rather, just sit back, enjoy, and let the music (and perhaps a Christmas light or two) guide you.

Oh! And don’t forget to follow us on Spotify for weekly updates. Enjoy!

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