This app tricks your Snapchat followers into thinking you’re in the club



In a world dominated by Fear Of Missing Out, it can feel good to hide from everything by spending a night on the couch.

But what does a social media addicted millennial do to keep people thinking you’re having fun, and not actually staying home?

Enter Late Night Snap Hacks, a quick and easy way to send out a Snapchat or Instagram Story that looks like you’re having a ball while you’re actually asleep.

There are 10 different scenes to choose from, including and a concert, a night club and a food market. The only thing you have to do is whip out your phone and snap wherever you want your friends to think you are.

Depending on the screen you’re using it looks anywhere between kind-of-realistic to why-is-he-filming-his-screen. However, the real thing you should be worried about is if you should really care about all this.

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