Even dolphins know you don’t take photos with an iPad

Why anyone would bring an iPad to a theme park is beyond me, but that’s just what this woman did at SeaWorld in Orlando. Presumably, she intended to shoot some images or video with the Apple device (why else would she be on it when a dolphin is three feet in front of her?) but this aquatic mammal was having none of it.

After snatching the iPad from her hand, the dolphin dragged it into the water (presumably to play Pokémon Go) while the woman frantically tried to retrieve it. In the end, she got her iPad back, the dolphin got a laugh from the crowd, and all was right in the world.

No word on if the iPad still works, why the woman brought it to SeaWorld, or what level the dolphin is on in Pokémon Go.

The dolphin couldn’t be reached for comment.

Dolphin Snatches iPad at Orlando SeaWorld on NBC Bay Area

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