And now, 2,000+ people falling on each other to break the Guinness World Record

For people at home unable to compete in Rio for the Olympics, there are plenty of avenues to make their own records of sorts, even if the thing you’re breaking records for have just about zero meaning.

Such is the case with the record for largest human mattress dominoes. The previous record was broken just four months ago by the United States at 1,200 people. Now, China’s gone and nearly doubled that number, putting together 2,016 people who are willing to fall on top of each other to hold the world title.

The whole thing took place outside of a shopping mall in Wuhan, China at the end of July, with the entire domino running 14 minutes and 47 seconds from start to finish.

A little note for careful viewers: One commenter noted that at 1:05, a participant appears to fall without being toppled on. Guinness World Records clarified saying that in the rush to share the footage, it used some clips of the practice run instead. Sigh, Guinness, is there anything on the internet we can trust?

Anyway, it’s no Rio, but it’s a record you can probably break at home if you can get enough people to pool in with their mattresses.

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