There are 1,064 emoji in iOS 9. Here’s Siri describing all of them

Emoji are taking over the world. Hell, they even have their own conventiongoverning body, and soon… a movie.

What emoji are still lacking is a great way to sort and easily find more than 1,000 digital faces, shapes and images. When looking at your phone it’s easy enough — albeit a bit inefficient — but what about when you want to use an emoji while driving with Apple’s CarPlay, a device all about keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road?

No worries, we’ve got Siri; and Siri, it seems, can read all 1,064 emoji currently included in iOS 9.

Motor1 decided to leave a camera in front of the CarPlay console as Siri slowly worked her way through an emoji roll call of sorts. By the time the virtual assistant finished, 30 minutes had passed and she presumably was ready for a nap — or, whatever virtual assistants do these days to unwind.

Watch CarPlay read every iPhone emoji on YouTube

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