Nobody is talking about this incredibly sexy iOS 10 emoji


The recent reveal of Apple’s freshly redesigned iOS 10 emoji got a lot of people talking.

Most of the words online were written about the choice to swap out the revolver emoji with a water gun. However, nobody was paying attention to the real game-changer.

I’d like to introduce you to Men with Bunny Ears.

Apple’s effort to make their emoji more diverse luckily works both ways.

For years, men around the world have been looking for ways to convey their feelings of putting on a spandex bodysuit and black rabbit ears. Thankfully, that has now come to an end.

As the sassy friends of Women with Bunny Ears, these guys look like they’re a whole lot of fun. But aside from that, it’s a good thing that women aren’t the only ones being positioned as kemomonimi dancers.

Call Hugh Hefner, because male Playboy Bunnies are a thing now.

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