Apple hasn’t updated the MacBook Pro in 440 days because it forgot what computers were

A new ad campaign by Apple seems to shed some light on the mystery of the missing MacBook Pro. After a subtle refresh to the MacBook this spring, the long-awaited MacBook Pro line was expected to see (at least) a similar refresh if not a completely re-designed lineup. We saw neither.

Then, the rumor mill started to muse that perhaps we’d see them around WWDC in June. It’s now August, and we’ve seen nothing.

It’s been 440 days since we’ve last seen a MacBook Pro update, and honestly, we’re getting a little impatient. Rumors are again floating a new line at an upcoming September event, but even then you have to wonder why Apple waited so long to announce a refresh to its most popular laptop line; especially amidst consistently declining revenues in its laptop sales.

Turns out, the answer is pretty simple: Apple forgot what a computer was.

Silly Apple, that’s an iPad Pro — not a particularly good laptop replacement.

While it’s obvious Apple is pushing its two iPad Pro models as laptop replacements, I think we’d all feel better if Tim Cook and Co. just came to the understanding that we’re not there yet and gave us what we want. And what we want, in this case, is a new MacBook Pro.

Get with the program guys.

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