Donald Trump is hosting a Reddit AMA this week

Donald Trump is hosting a Reddit AMA this week

Well, this should be fun.

Donald Trump is hosting a Reddit AMA this Wednesday, July 27, at 6:30 PM EST. If you’re not familiar, AMA stands for Ask Me Anything, and AMA sessions with celebrities are popular events on Reddit (Obama held one himself a few years ago).

Fittingly enough, he’ll be hosting it on a subreddit dedicated to himself: /r/The_Donald. Despite the fact that there’s an subreddit specifically for general interest AMAs.

Trump doesn’t have to answer everything, but the general expectation is that he’ll get to a lot of the questions. And this being Trump, we’re sure he’ll have, erm, a lot to say.

It’s an interesting choice given Reddit’s liberal tendencies, but then again, Trump isn’t exactly someone who’s shied away from voicing his opinions in light of opposition and common sense. He’ll probably even find some supporters among Redditors on a vendetta against political correctness.

We wonder exactly who will be responding though. After all, we’re not even sure if Donald Trump has ever even used a computer.

We’ll be keeping an eye out come Wednesday.

Maggie Haberman on Twitter

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