This ​quirky​ search engine lets you face swap into any ​hairstyle or fashion

Snapchat has made face-swapping a all the rage, but that’s normally just something you do with your friends. A new search engine called Dreambit lets you face swap into pretty much any look you can imagine.

The tool works by analyzing your uploaded photo, and then performing a Web search for images that generally match the shape, pose and expression of your own. As far as we can tell, it works pretty darn well.

Basically, you upload a photo, and then type in a query like “curly hair” to see what you would look like with, well, curly hair. You could also type in something like “1950’s” to see what you would look like in the fashion of that era.

Dreambit Faceswap

That could come in handy if you’re looking to revamp your hairstyle or wardrobe. It’s also a neat tool if you’re an actor wanting to see what you might look like in a particular role.

It’s not all just for fun and narcissim though. Developer Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizerman and her team originally started work on the tool to help identify missing children who have aged and adopted different looks.

If you want to give it a go, head on over to . The beta is currently limited to a small pool of users, but you can sign up to gain access over time.

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