Team Clinton launches selfie filters to ridicule Trump

Team Clinton launches selfie filters to ridicule Trump

Hillary and her campaign team are throwing some of their biggest shade yet at Donald Trump yet, and this time you can join in.

Basically, it’s a photo filter that makes fun of Trump (or really, lets him make fun of himself). It will stamp Trump quotes on your photos to see what the Republican nominee has “said about people like you.” You can try it at

Some choice comments and quotes include:

  • “Major loser, Zero credibility”
  • “Look at my African American over here”
  • “I’ve never seen a thin person drink Diet Coke”
  • “If you need Viagra, you’re probably with the wrong girl”

Filters Donald Trump Yourself

And many other lovely Trumpisms. You have to log in with your Facebook account (it will use your profile photo) after which you can share on Facebook or Twitter.

Alternatively, just download the photo, print it, and to frame it on your wall to remind yourself of the sad state of American politics every day.

It’s a shame there’s no mobile app version so far, but we wouldn’t be surprised if one popped up sooner or later.

Trump Yourself on Hillary Clinton

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