This is what Calvin and Hobbes comics look like in 3D

This is what Calvin and Hobbes comics look like in 3D

As a kid, I’d developed a reflex action that saw me flip instantly to the comics page in the morning paper to read the daily Calvin and Hobbes strip. You can imagine my pure and unadulterated joy when I discovered massive anthologies of Bill Watterson’s funny, insightful creation a few years later at my local library.

Fast forward two decades and it’s still one of my favorite comics around. But whether you’re a hardcore fan or just getting into it, you’ll certainly want to check out artist Gabriel de Laubier’s 3D reimagining of one of the strips.

In the interactive embed above, you can click to drag, zoom and pan around to see how marvelous each panel looks with added depth. De Laubier used techniques like backface culling and flat-shading in the 3D program Blender for the effect.

Sadly, there’s only one strip to play with. Here’s hoping Watterson and de Laubier team up to render more of the comic genius’ work in glorious 3D.

Via The Verge

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