Sigur Rós is livestreaming a 24-hour drive through Iceland with a soundtrack generated in real-time

Icelandic post-rockers Sigur Rós are known for their expansive ambient soundscapes and beautiful live shows. For its next track, the band has something different up its sleeve.

On ‘Route One’, the group is driving through Iceland for 24 hours and livestreaming the journey. The accompanying soundtrack is a single continuous piece created using Bronze, which is described as ‘generative music software’. The app will take cues from Sigur Rós’ latest track ‘Óveður.’

Bandmember Jónsi Birgisson told Pitchfork, “In a day and age of instant gratification and everything moving so fast, we wanted to do the exact opposite. Slow TV is counter-active to the world we live in, in that it happens in real time and real slow.”

For the next few hours (until 5PM ET), you can tune into the livestream by hitting the play button above and enjoy watching beautiful Icelandic countryside pass by, accompanied by what seems like a stream-of-consciousness outpouring of Sigur Rós’ inventive musical stylings.

It’s perfect for relaxing with a cup of hot cocoa or letting it play in the background while you’re at work.

Sigur Rós - Route One on YouTube

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