Humanity has gone too far with an automated ‘wind-effect’ selfie-stick

Humanity has gone too far with an automated ‘wind-effect’ selfie-stick

Let’s get this disclaimer out of the way: The ‘Selfie Stick Unreal‘ is promotional product for TV show, and isn’t being sold to the public (yet).

But that doesn’t stop it from joining the MacBook selfie stick in the category of ‘products that make you die a little on the inside:’

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LED array beauty lighting? A little excessive, but it can be useful in the dark.

An automated extender? I mean, if you’re feeling that lazy…

But two fans for a windswept look? That’s where I draw the line.

The selfie stick was built as promotion for Lifetime’s TV series UnREAL by marketing firm Thinkmodo. Again, you can’t actually buy it.

That’s little consolation though; now that it’s been thought up, someone is going to build one and put it up on Amazon or something. Let’s take a moment to pray for humanity.

(But okay, I secretly want one. Shhh.)

Automated Selfie Stick - UnREAL on YouTube

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