Watch: Lecturer deals with hijacked student poll in the best way possible

Australian people are cooler than me. I’m an uptight Brit who sits around drinking tea all day, moaning about the weather and stressing whenever anything goes wrong.

By comparison, the Australian lecturer in the video above is a calm and collected person who deals with a situation gone awry with aplomb.

In retrospect, and judging from the fact that it seems like a problem that could arise using any similar software, allowing a room full of students full access to put whatever messages they want on-screen probably wasn’t all that sharp.

The problem started quickly after the question “what factors make a great athlete?” The third response is where it started to go wrong, “RIP my exam timetable is fuckeddddd.”

More quickly flooded the screen.

“Orgasm,” “Bush did 9/11” and perhaps the best response of the lot, “a good montage scene.”

If this had been my university, I suspect that the activity would have been quickly shut down, but the University of Melbourne lecturer’s response was far, far better.

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