ICYMI: These 7 words and phrases from the Web are heading into the dictionary

ICYMI: These 7 words and phrases from the Web are heading into the dictionary
Credit: Merriam-Webster

The big old US Merriam-Webster Unabridged just welcomed 1,400 new words and phrases into its ranks, as well as adding 700 additional new meanings to existing terms.

Seven of them caught our eye and although they aren’t all that new, the folks at the dictionary office say they’ve been watching them for some time to make sure they’re here to stay, rather than just a fad from the here today, gone tomorrow world of the Web.


Some think it’ll save the world, some think it’s just the first draft of an alternative currency, so perhaps this is the word that will become a historical one most quickly.


Given the speed at which hack attacks seem to be ramping up, this seems an obvious choice.

Credit: Merriam-Webster

As we all became aware of how fearful FOMO was making us, many have started to embrace JOMO – the Joy Of Missing Out – but it hasn’t quite caught on yet. You actually love a good freak out, right?


Not to be left out.


This surely-not-a-real-phobia is one we all love to hate. The fear is real.


It’s making it into law across the world and now it’s a legit word too.


And why tell someone they’re giving you too much information when you can keep it short n sweet yourself with TMI?

Just don’t ask us what ‘athleisure’ or ‘fit and flair’ mean, for once the Web ain’t responsible.

A little thing about words on Merriam Webster via TechCrunch

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