NES classic ‘Punch-Out’ has an Easter egg that went undiscovered for 29 years

NES classic ‘Punch-Out’ has an Easter egg that went undiscovered for 29 years

Easter eggs in video games are everywhere, but most don’t take nearly three decades to figure out. ‘Punch-Out’ — aka ‘Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out’ — is the obvious exception to this rule.

Reddit user Midwesternhousewives used his weekend to discover an Easter egg in Punch-Out that tells you when to deliver a knockout blow to two separate fighters.

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If you look closely at the left third of the screen you’ll see a bearded man that from here on out we’ll refer to as 8-bit Jesus.

In your second fight with Piston Honda or Bald Bull, 8-bit Jesus will duck at exactly the moment you need to punch, which coincides with the moment Piston Honda is about to step forward and walk into Lil Mac’s wicked right.


Did you see it?

Of course, you could try to time it like all of us NES-playing plebeians have been doing for years, but the idea that Nintendo developers specifically added a visual cue to tell you when to deliver a knock-out blow is pretty cool.

Even cooler, there are still said to be Easter eggs in the game we’ve yet to discover, according to the game’s original development team.

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I think I discovered a new easter egg in Mike Tyson's Punchout for NES today on Reddit

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