Techies photo project aims to highlight and promote diversity in Silicon Valley

Techies photo project aims to highlight and promote diversity in Silicon Valley

When it comes to diversity in the tech industry, we mostly see stories about the lack there of. Figures strongly indicate that the sector is being dominated by straight white men and studies indicate that women are facing a barrier of entry from the get-go in their tech careers.

With that being said, there are still lots of people working in Silicon Valley with really diverse backgrounds and that’s exactly what photographer Helena Price wants to showcase with her latest project – Techies.

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Price photographed and interviewed 100 people from a variety of backgrounds who work in tech at all levels. The group features men and women from all walks of life – there are immigrants, numerous ages, races and nationalities, people who identify as LGBTQ, and people with disabilities.

The aim of the project is to challenge stereotypes and show people in tech and other sectors that there is a diverse workforce, albeit small.

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The importance of Techies isn’t necessarily about what it’s showing off though, it’s the stories the people are telling and the power they could potentially have to spur more people to go into tech or companies to be more open about improving diversity.

All of the portraits and interviews can be seen online now and you can filter by category to find stories that are of the most interest to you.


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