Hong Kong man built a life-like Scarlett Johansson robot, which isn’t weird at all

Hong Kong man built a life-like Scarlett Johansson robot, which isn’t weird at all

Robots are getting more life-like by the minute, but when they resemble an actual, existing person, that’s when it gets a little weird. Especially when the inventor programmed it to respond to things like “I love you” and “You are so beautiful.”

scarlett robot

The robot’s Hong Kong-based inventor won’t name which celebrity he modeled the droid after, but it’s pretty obvious he watched a whole lot of ‘Her‘ before getting to work. The robot was built with 3D-printed parts and silicone skin, and has limited body movement range.

She can contort facial expressions such as a smile or a wink in response to voice commands, move her hands in the scariest manner possible, and make tiny statements like “Hehe” and “Thank you.”

hands robot

Considering that the inventor claimed his programming skills are self-taught, it’s pretty impressive – but that doesn’t make the resulting product any less creepy. We’re already seeing robots starting to take away jobs from actual humans and birth rates are declining in many parts of the world – we probably don’t need robots to potentially doom the continuation of human race.

Building a Humanoid Hollywood star on Reuters

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