Netflix and Chill long distance with these Chrome extensions

Netflix and Chill long distance with these Chrome extensions

If you’re interested in the old Netflix and Chill but bae isn’t close enough to cuddle up to on the couch, then that’s quite a modern problem. But now there’s a modern answer in the form of a nifty Chrome extension designed to sync up your binge-viewing with a friend.

Netflix Party is a third-party Chrome extension that’s easy to set up — once it’s installed, you have the opportunity to generate a link that gives people access to a synchronized video and a chat room. Users can elect to have full control of the feed, or share hosting duties.

The app works easily enough, but it is limited to the Web view of Netflix only and, from a few superficial tests, it doesn’t seem like it plays nicely with Chromecast.

This app isn’t the only one of its kind, as well — there’s an extension called Showgoers, released this year, that has a lot of the same technology in addition to the opportunity to hold public viewing sessions with people who come to the website looking for content.

So, if you want to watch all of the episodes of ‘Fuller House’ with a friend across the country, this isn’t a bad way to do so.


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