Someone is live streaming an AI-controlled deer running around in Grand Theft Auto

Someone is live streaming an AI-controlled deer running around in Grand Theft Auto

US-based artist, Brent Watanabe, specializes in computer-based installations and his latest project is something quite addictive: an AI-driven deer wandering around Grand Theft Auto.

The project, which is being livestreamed, sees a deer programmed to wander around Grand Theft Auto V’s environment and respond to its surroundings on its own. The result is a mix of bizarre deer hijinks and hypnotic watching as it aimlessly wanders the enormous world.

According to the site, the deer is wandering through 100 square miles inside San Andreas and has been programmed to control itself while making its own decisions – nobody is at the controls.

Over the last few hours, the deer ran into a gunfight, spent a lot of time on moonlit beaches, has been chased by the police and attacked by gangsters.

The deer cam is offline at time of writing because the server has frozen, however Watanabe plans to have it back online later today. You can follow on Twitch here to see when it’s back online.

What’s hypnotic about the deer cam is it reminds me of projects like Twitch Plays Pokemon, but with the AI making all of the decisions on its own.

In the not too distant future, a legitimate live sport could be watching computers beat themselves at games rather than people.

San Andreas Streaming Deer Cam

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