Buckle up because there’s now a Rocket League Championship Series

Buckle up because there’s now a Rocket League Championship Series

‘Rocket League’ is deviously simple — flippin’ soccer played by cars — but since its launch (and its position as one of my favorite games of 2015), its exceeded expectations of how rich and entertaining the indie game can be.

Developer Psyonix and streaming platform Twitch have partnered to capitalize on the love for all things ‘Rocket League,’ announcing today the first ever Rocket League Championship Series. Nick Allen, Director of esports operations at Twitch, elaborated on the venture:

The Twitch community has collectively rallied around Rocket League to help it achieve organic success on our platform. By working with Psyonix to build an official professional league around this grassroots phenomenon, Rocket League’s legions of players and fans can potentially turn their passion into a career.

This month, teams of three can register to play in the three-month series, which will conclude with a prize pool of $75,000 USD. All matches will be played on the PlayStation 4, although the PC will be secondarily supported.

It’s no secret that esports is having a moment — even ESPN is getting in on the action to court millions of users and the excitement of high-level gaming championships. ‘Rocket League’ is a very dynamic game to watch and does offer plenty of high-level technique, so it’s very possible this series will keep esports hot.


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