Reddit is not amused by Reddit3016, a spoof site one of its moderators created

Reddit is not amused by Reddit3016, a spoof site one of its moderators created

If you think 2016 Internet is pretty great with all its Vines, viral hashtags and memes, you haven’t seen Reddit3016. The parody site is an art project by Reddit user Blair Erickson (gonzoblair) who wanted to imagine the stuff that would end up on site’s front page 1,000 years from today.

Among the upvoted items are news about an imaginary streaming company called Holoflix, Earthlings celebrating the sun’s eradication in favor of a Bitcoin mining rig, a hoverboard accident which occurred during time travel, and naturally, some sexy robots.

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Erickson says the site took him two years to complete, alongside links to parodies of The Huffington Post, Imgur and YouTube to accompany several threads.

It’s a funny glimpse into the future, but apparently Reddit’s not quite as amused. On the real, Erickson says the link has been deleted from every subreddit it was shared in despite him being a moderator himself.

The official ‘Reddiquette’ does not frown upon users sharing their own links, unless self-promotion is all they do.

“Reddit is too large a media outlet to pretend to be a community and then secretly manipulate what people are allowed to see. Reddit needs transparency and democracy. Or the dustbin of history,” he writes.

So enjoy the irony while it lasts.

Update: Hey, at least the Reddit co-founder likes it.


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