Hmm, something’s a bit off about New York City on Google Maps

Hmm, something’s a bit off about New York City on Google Maps

Proud New Yorkers, get ready to use your 😂😰😳 (and the facepalm one, whenever it’s released) emoji today. A quick search for New York, NY on Google Maps might lead you to the right city geographically, but the accompanying photo, is, um, pretty off. Unless of course Mayor Bill de Blasio had palm trees shipped to the city overnight.

The image is actually of the Las Vegas hotel “New York-New York,” the most cringeworthy thing on the strip for actual New Yorkers, which features plasticky versions of the city’s landmarks jumbled within three minutes’ walk of each other. Wanna cross the iconic Brooklyn Bridge? No problem, it’ll take you straight to the center of the financial district with a roller coaster conveniently racing above as Lady Liberty turns her ass towards your stroll.

Clicking the image on Google Maps takes you the full photo, so feel free to thank user ‘Diddleking1’ for the troll.

We’re guessing the flub will be temporary as users begin reporting the error, but it is rather amusing to imagine the future of New York’s gentrification in one terrifying search result.

Update 3:30 pm ET: The image has been corrected with a shot of Central Park. It was fun while it lasted!

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