Wow, those GoPro-ed Grammycams turned out to be super awkward

Wow, those GoPro-ed Grammycams turned out to be super awkward

The Grammy Awards tried something different at this year’s ceremony by installing GoPro camera tech into its trophies. The intention was to let fans see the stage from the perspective of each winner. Cool idea!

But as the internet has taught us, expectations always surpass reality, and what viewers actually saw from the Grammycam was… kind of awkward.

Here’s Taylor Swift coming up to accept her Album of the Year award, for example.

Whoa. Does anyone ever need to see Taytay that close? Wait, no, don’t answer that.

Things didn’t improve during her acceptance speech either. Fans just looked at a view of a microphone stand.

Kendrick Lamar’s Grammycam angle didn’t even face the stage and we mostly got a view of his chin.

To be fair, we should have known from this promotional tweet that fans weren’t going to get that great of an angle.

Given that the Grammys’ tagline for this year’s awards was “Witness greatness,” perhaps it may want to rethink the operative verb next time. Maybe a microphone cam to capture what actually happened during Adele’s performance?

Tech is experimental, so I guess we gotta start somewhere. See more Grammycam footages here.

Here’s What the GrammyCam Saw at the Grammys (Spoiler: It’s Disappointing) [Petapixel]

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