This Star Wars and Mario Kart mashup has to happen

Love Star Wars? Love Mario Kart? Then you’ll love this video showing what Mario Kart would look like if it were set in a galaxy far, far away.

See your favorite Mario Kart character (always Yoshi) climb aboard an iconic Star Wars battleship for a series of races culminating in a Death Star trench run.

Accompanied by Star Wars music and sounds, the whole thing feels lot more tense than a usual trip down Rainbow Road.

It took video game designers Mike Brown, Landon Sperry and Casen Sperry a year to create this masterpiece, which is complete with a Phantom Menace-style podrace, super-realistic Millennium Falcon and, of course, explosions.

Let’s hope someone at Disney or Nintendo can spot a great franchising deal when they see one.

But is it Star Kart or Kart Wars?

Star Kart – Star Wars + Mario Kart [YouTube via CNET]

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